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Nigel Etem

Son, Photographer, and Comedic Relief


- Pam and Darren had no idea what they were in for when they decided to complicate their lives with Nigel! Like his parents, Nigel is always on the go and is a jack-of-all-trades, with his interests ranging from paintballing and computer gaming to weightlifting and artistic photography. As one of three brothers, Nigel butted heads with his family growing up but has always kept an open heart and mind, seeking to solve challenges as soon as they arose.
- Nigel's career began in sports broadcasting but quickly shifted towards real estate photography as his interest in the field developed along with his skill set. Now, he runs his own business as a real estate photographer, working with Team Etem to create beautiful, original memories of our clients' homes.


- Nigel is a Yelp connoisseur and knows all the best places to eat, drink, and enjoy yourself in Huntington Beach. Need tips for great Thai food? He's got you covered. Wondering where to celebrate happy hour? He's your guy. 🍻
- Like Darren, Nigel has adopted a (mostly) keto diet, but back in the day he could dig into tortilla chips and salsa like there was no tomorrow! Even now, Mexican food is still one of Nigel's favorites despite the non-keto temptations.
- Earning the title "The Beer Guy" is no easy feat, but Nigel is never one to back down from a challenge! Some of his favorite breweries include Four Sons and Ballast Point, but his taste ranges far and wide.
- This one's more of a lifestyle than a hobby, but Nigel has adopted a fitness routine that has already helped him lose (and keep off) 110 lbs of excess Nigel - and he's not done yet! You can find him in the gym at least three days a week, putting in the work so that one day he can beat Darren in an arm-wrestling competition 😉


- Like his father, Nigel is motivated and inspired by his family. He has a big heart and strong drive to take care of others, always seeking to answer questions and take others' issues onto his own shoulders.
- Self-improvement is a must in Nigel's book. The "self" and our bodies are all we are ever guaranteed to have in life, and he is committed to bettering himself physically, mentally, and emotionally. After all, if you're going to spend a lifetime with yourself, you ought to like who you are!
- Despite qualifying for the Millennial generation, Nigel is an older soul reminiscent of Gen X and wishes he could tell the current generation to slow down; cutting corners always cuts into the final result.
- In 10 years, Nigel hopes to see himself living fully and becoming a better man, providing for his family and taking every opportunity available to grow in health, wellness, and kindness.


- Even though Nigel wishes he identified with something tougher, if he were an animal he knows he'd be a dolphin! Independent, intelligent, fun-loving, and ocean-dwelling...can you see it, Facebook? 😋
- Nigel's best birthday party memory was of his 8 year old cowboy roundup celebration in Pam and Darren's backyard with all of his friends, a bounce house, a treasure hunt, and horses to boot - Team Etem sure knows how to throw a party!

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17011 Beach Blvd, Suite 900, Huntington Beach, CA 92647

(714) 406-3838

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