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Darren Etem

Father, Broker, Agent, and part-time MacGyver


- Darren is the youngest of 3 - with two older brothers it's clear where his competitive streak came from!
- His father's job required the family to relocate often, so Darren spent his childhood in countries like Spain, Greece (on the island of Crete), and Germany in addition to the states of Texas and California.
- Darren has worked in sales for the entirety of his professional career, beginning with being the producer for his mother's artwork. Sue (his mother) went on to become a world-renowed artist and a favorite of many - including Michael Jackson!
- Now, Darren works tirelessly to bring his sales and business expertise to the real estate field.


- Darren follows a strict keto diet
- When he's not in the office, you can find Darren doing flips off of Wave Runners, surfing, snowboarding, cooking, fishing, paintballing, or taking a hot yoga class. Now that's a jack of all trades!
- His drink of choice? Vodka on the rocks, especially when celebrating or relaxing with friends and family
- Darren loves a challenge! His ability to find workarounds, brainstorm creative solutions, and untie the trickiest knots has earned him the nickname "MacGyver"


- Darren finds inspiration and motivation in his family. His drive to provide and his competitive streak push Darren to keep reaching new heights in his career, but he always makes time for Pam and his sons.
- Darren is always seeking to improve himself by learning new skills, reading new books, and exploring the world with Pam.
- To everyone, but especially to millennials, Darren advises preparedness and forward-thinking; you can't just live for today. Thinking about the future is the first step towards getting there, and a goal is really just a wish until it's written down (along with a plan on how to get there)


- Darren jumped out of an open window in the Coliseum in Rome, Italy...and then ran through another one in Spain!
- With 15 surgeries as proof, Darren truly lives a daredevil lifestyle, doing flips off of Wave Runners, paintballs until he drops, and more you'll have to ask him about! ;)
- Because his parents were struggling to decide on a name, they used the next name that appeared on their TV, and that name was none other than Darren McGavin!
- Darren used to be a professionally ranked tennis player, and he was even offered 3 full-ride scholarships to college for his tennis ability, but he turned down the offers to follow Pam to the University of Southern California (USC)
- He is secretly a huge fan of Game of Thrones & Star Wars!

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17011 Beach Blvd, Suite 900, Huntington Beach, CA 92647

(714) 406-3838

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